About Us

The Hamilton Township Pipe and Drum band was formed in 2009 by Sean Golden and John Smisloff

The band rehearses in Hamilton Township (Mercer County) and currently performs in parades, various Scottish and Irish events, and in events both celebratory and solemn throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

The band unit is primarily made up of professional firefighters. Our tartan is 'Hamilton Red Modern' and we play Andante drums. Please contact us if you'd like us to appear in your parade or for your function.

Band Roster

Drum Major : Captain Kandrac HTFD #2
Honorary Pipe Major : PFC Benjamin Moore BCFD #2

Drum Instructor: Ret. FF Bob Sanna HTFD #6
Lead Tip: Ben Michaud
Drum Sargent : FF DeVita HTFD #9
Captain Woodward HTFD #9
Captain Gardiner WFD
Commissioner Flanagan HTFD #9
FF Smisloff HTFD #9
FF Golden HTFD #9
FF Krajcsovics HTFD #2
FF Flynn HTFD #9
FF Lykes HTFD #3
FF Taylor HTFD #9
FF O Donnel WFD
FF Tindall HTFD #4
FF Headley HTFD #4

Pipe Major : Captain Troyano HTFD #6
Pipe Sargent : FF C. Mull HTFD #6
Lieutenant Greene HTFD #3
FF Summers HTFD #4
FF S.Mull HTFD #4
FF Sanna HTFD #3
FF Kiernan HTFD #3
Deputy Director Gayley MCFA
FF Friddell WFD